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Beilun: Zero Carbon Lighting System Supports the Asian Games
Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-04-15 07:44:00

  By Dong Na

  Recently, all 56 competition venues of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games passed the completion inspection. Among them, six stadiums and the Hangzhou Asian Games Village are using the daylighting system produced by a company in Beilun District, which reduces the energy consumption of stadiums by 30% to 50%.

  This daylighting system from Ningbo Solatube Daylighting Technology can bring the natural light from outdoors into the room evenly through the external optical collection system and the "Colorless" pipe with 99.7% reflectivity, and there is no CO_2 emission.

  "We have installed 210 sets of daylight guide tube lighting systems in two venues, the basketball arena and the swimming pool, at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. All sets are installed on the top of the arena, replacing the conventional lighting system. By collecting natural light and shining it into the arena through the transmission area, it can reduce the energy consumption of the arena by 30%," Xiang Jian, the company's Technical Director, said.

  "The Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center has specific requirements for the game scene, for example, they sometimes need to adjust the whole environment from dark to light. For that, we developed a special model of dimmer, which is able to adjust the light according to the requirements of the game scene, a technical improvement we have made over the years," General Manager Fang Jiangfan said.

  The company's daylighting system was installed in the Taekwondo Gymnasium of the University of Science and Technology Beijing during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. After that, Solatube has been constantly improving its product during the last decade and successfully won the bid for the Hangzhou Asian Games stadium lighting project in 2020. The lighting systems were completed in July 2021 and passed the project acceptance.

  "This project is a much treasured experience and exploration for us. Next, we will further increase the investment in the customization and smartness of our products to meet the individual needs of different clients," said Fang Jiangfan.

  Chief Adviser: Zhou Fangzhou

  Proofreader: Xu Zhuowei